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ways to be frugal during summer

10 Ways to Be Frugal During Summer

At Argo, we’re all about helping you save money and achieve financial independence. Being frugal is a big part of it. And we have good news: summer is a great time to be frugal! So, if you’re wondering what are some ways to be frugal during summer, this is the post for you. Use your…

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cheap business ideas

20 Cheap Business Ideas to Start in 2021

Are there really cheap business ideas out there? 2021 started off as a difficult year, to say the least. Throughout most of 2020, many were furloughed or lost their jobs altogether, all because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, several business (200.000 throughout the US) were closed in 2020 due to Covid. But we believe that…

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