Tax Preparation

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When you should hire a professional to help you file your taxes

If your tax situation is relatively complicated and you dread the moment you should start filing your taxes, it’s better to hire a professional to help you. This way you’ll get rid of the hassle and you can be sure that your taxes are filed correctly. At Argo our accountants are tax professionals, specialized in tax preparation and tax audits.

Personal taxes and business taxes

A tax preparation professional should be able to help you file both personal taxes and business taxes. If you own a business, and have lots of different expenses to deduct, hiring a professional for your tax preparation will help you navigate your return, maximize tax breaks, and avoid mistakes. If you don’t own a business, but you have multiple state tax returns, or an array of different investments or assets, it is still a good idea to have a professional help you with your tax filing. You might discover that the fee for hiring us to do your taxes will make up for itself in tax savings you wouldn’t have uncovered yourself.

IRS Representation

If you run into a tax problem, a notice from the IRS, or are under audit, it is a good idea to use a tax professional to represent you before the IRS. As your representative, we can interact with the IRS on your behalf, and the IRS will deal with us, your representative, instead of you.

Tax levy removal

A levy, or wage garnishment, means that the IRS takes money out of your bank account (levy) or your paycheck (wage garnishment). You can request the IRS to remove a levy in the following situations:

  • You paid the amount you owe
  • The period for collection ended before the levy was removed
  • Removing the levy will help you pay your taxes
  • You enter an installment agreement with the IRS and the terms of the agreement don’t allow the levy to continue
  • The levy prevents you from meeting basic, reasonable living expenses
  • The value of the property is higher than the amount you owe to the IRS and removing the levy will not hinder their ability to collect the amount owed

If the idea of filing for a tax levy removal sounds daunting, we are here to help!

Tax Audits

A tax audit is when the IRS takes a closer look to examine in detail your tax return information to make sure the data you reported is correct and accurate. There are four types of tax audit:

  • Field audit (in your home)
  • Office audit (at your office)
  • Correspondence audit (requiring you to send further information about your tax return via mail)
  • Taxpayer compliance measurement program (a research done by the IRS to examine how much tax is not paid voluntarily and timely)

A tax audit can be triggered by incomplete tax returns or incorrect data in your tax return.

If you are being audited by the IRS, we can help you navigate the audit and make it safely to the other side!